Singapore Tours - Day Trip to Pulau Bin
Pulau ubin in is in essence the last ‘kampung’(village) in Singapore. A stroll through ubin takes you back to the Singapore in the city 1960’s with the simpler pleasures of life. ubin is a great day trip for cycling through rustic roads, walking to explore the shady rubber plantation, fishing or camping on clean,serene tranquil beaches the adventure begins on the bumboat trip leaving from changi ferry terminal at change village ubin also inspires artists, photographers and is a great location for film makers.

You may explore chek jawa- which is spread out over one hectare of land comprising of several eco systems like coastal hill forests, mangroves inhabited by interesting plants and animals, coral rubble area sheltering delicate sea creatures and natural rocky shores with amazing animals like living cowries, sea stars and fast flat crabs. Noordin beach with its white sandy beaches and a view of johor across the straits, mamam beach and jelutong campsite are very popular camping sites.

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