Singapore Tours - Batam Island Tour
Batam Island known as singapore’s playground, is a great location for a short gateway. It is located 20 kms south-east of Singapore and is a one hour ferry ride from singapore’s harbour front terminal. Be it golf, shopping, night life, beaches and water sports, Batam has it all.

Main attractions in Batam include:
  • Nagoya Shopping Centre
  • Dewi Kuong Imra Monument
  • Nongsa, a northern coastal area
Nagoya, also known as lubuk baja, is the best place for local entertainment, with plenty of shops,food stalls, nightlife, discos, bars and pubs, music lounges, karaoke lounges,restaurants, massage parlours many small hotels and its share of street girls. Great value for money when you shop at Batam.There are several shopping centers and malls featuring a full range of goods from perfumes, clothing to hardware and software. Moreover shopping is duty free throughout the island.

Nongsa, a northern coastal area near Batam island, Indonesia is an hour’s drive from sekupang. Many of the resorts and golf courses are situated. Duriangkang east shore is a very scenic and peaceful area near Batam island, Indonesia. Here, one can enjoy birds, farms and the verdant greenery of the village fields. Tj uma and Batu merah, two of the oldest villages in Batam island, Indonesia, where one can get to see many aspects of traditional island life. Duriankang Dam, the main water supply tranquility.

The Dewi Kuong Imra Monument, houses a statue that is a tribute to the Buddhist goddess of prosperity. The coastline along kabil, has several seafood restaurants that can cater to even the choosiest gastronome. Bridge-5 area amd galang islands, is a valley where Vietnam refugees have settled. It is a very pleasant village to walk by, with pretty rural scenes. Subject to your time,interest and budget we will customize the itinerary for you. Please indicate the number of nights you would like to spend in Batam.

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